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What makes DOCUMENTICA so special?

icon Go mobile
Always, be visible to the customers! Statistics show that the average American spends more than two hours a day on their ipad's, iphone's or android devices. Access or share your documents, invoices, photos and digital assets from any where with your mobile device.
icon Daily Usage
Creating or editing documents or scanning invoices are daily jobs in the offices. Searching archives without a catalog is a nightmare. DOCUMENTICA will always be up and running on your server and your client workstation or on your mobile device to be support your daily needs.
icon Supports cloud computing.
Increase your productivity with fewer people. The cost per unit will be cheaper. Maintain easy access to the company documents with minimal upfront spending. Pay as you go based with your demand. There’s no need for server hardware, software or licensing fees.
icon Private Online Storage
The service can be installed privately on your virtual or dedicated servers on the internet. This can be a great advantage to control your server. You can prevent unauthorized access without agreeing policies with giant services.
icon Joyfull special protection
DOCUMENTICA gives you detailed definition a security for the documents. Generally, using document collabration or archiving a document is a boring and difficult experience. We would like to change this.
icon Win-win solution
With low cost of the ownership or with rental solution to get a cloud enabled document archive software will be more efficent than file servers on your back-office and life saving for the new digital age.

icon Very powerful options built right in

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  • W2 interface & Responsive GUI on HTML5
  • Scanning and Imaging Integration
  • REST API support
  • MS Office integration via DAV
  • Standard Folder and Document structures
  • Online Page Authoring
  • Multiple repositories
  • Developed on .NET C# and supports mono
  • Import documents as easy as copying to a drive
  • Supports medium trust environments. (Shared hosting)
  • Document version control
  • Lock, Unlock, Check-out, Check-in, life-cycle
  • Security Inheritance, flexible permissions using Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Document profiles and Meta data support
  • Searching document and folders by their contents and meta-data.
  • Record retentions
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