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Document Management System Features.

  • Cloud Storage Option

    DOCUMENTICA software offers integrated central document storage, archival solution for your digital documents and provides automated collaboration environment for your organization. Users can create a controlled document repository on the cloud like Google docs or Microsoft live documents. The application can be set up on a web site or on a Windows file server in your agency.
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    New opportunities to Developers

    DOCUMENTICA follows industry standards and compliance. In addition to the industry standards and compliances, we set a new standard called "M-Filters". These small dynamic link libraries have content extraction algorithms. Developers can easily implement the M-Filter assembly interface that is consumable by DOCUMENTICA content indexing services without code re-compilation. Therefore developers can create a new plug-ins for content extraction from different file types.

icon Very powerful options built right in

  • W2 interface & Responsive GUI on HTML5
  • Scanning and Imaging Integration
  • REST API support
  • MS Office integration via DAV
  • Standard Folder and Document structures
  • Online Page Authoring
  • Multiple repositories
  • Developed on .NET C# and supports mono
  • Import documents as easy as copying to a drive
  • Supports medium trust environments. (Shared hosting)
  • Document version control
  • Lock, Unlock, Check-out, Check-in, life-cycle
  • Security Inheritance, flexible permissions using Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Document profiles and Meta data support
  • Searching document and folders by their contents and meta-data.
  • Record retentions

You are just 3 steps away to store your documents.

  • 1. Download the app
  • 2. Install It
  • 3. Use right away