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    unique experiences for web and mobile

    DOCUMENTICA addresses imaging, scanning, capturing, indexing, classification and storing electronic files. Document life-cycle and keeping records is a challenge for the most of the companies. The automatic content indexing allow users to search documents by their contents. The users can control sharing and collaborating features. Distribute files is an easy task. Adminstrators can moderate software using access control lists and other security features. A decision maker can control all collaboration and activities. The customers can also access the central store for the document retrieval, review and approval.

    document authoring
  • Accessing Documents
    became necessity from various devices

    The program can be easily integrade with existing mobile and other devices for imaging to provide a paperless office solution. Accessing archived files will be secure, manageable and auditable.

    Companies’ digital assets and their electronic archive will be safe in Documentica preservation, yet accessible anytime, from anywhere using any web enabled device (smart-phone, tablet or desktop).

    mobile enable application
  • Easy to access and edit documents and forms
    from web and mobile

    Documentica has a simple yet efficient architecture that provides complex functionality, such as allowing access to the file system via a secure web interface or managing versions of your documents easily.

    Our software supports life-cycle management features like version control, retention policies and Meta data support for your electronic archive. Your staff can find the documents not only using their file names and the Meta information but also by content.

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  • New opportunities to Developers

    DOCUMENTICA follows industry standards and compliance. In addition to the industry standards and compliances, we set a new standard called “M-Filters”. These small dynamic link libraries have content extraction algorithms. Developers can easily implement the M-Filter assembly interface that is consumable by DOCUMENTICA content indexing services without code re-compilation. Therefore developers can create a new plug-ins for content extraction from different file types.

    Fully functional REST API is also available via HTTP. Through fully documented and easy-to-use XML based API, DAV protocol can be reached by any web enabled programming language

    open source software
  • Our cloud storage solutions
    creates unlimited possibilities

    DOCUMENTICA software offers integrated central document storage, archival solution for your digital documents and provides automated collaboration environment for your organization. Users can create a controlled document repository on the cloud like Google docs or Microsoft live documents. The application can be set up on a web site or on a Windows file server in your agency.

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  • Share & collaborate

  • Access any time & any where

  • Document Life-Cycle

  • Open Architecture

  • Infinite modules

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    Central Repository

    Centralization of archived records, scanned papers or office documents has many advantages. The document authors and the users already know the classification system. The folder structure explains a lot about the structure of the document warehouse.
  • file

    File System Based

    Without a database engine and any sophisticated and expensive hardware, this simple idea inspired us to deliver people what they ask for. We had to re-imagine and re-cook up all the software pieces to achieve this goal like keeping tracks of archived records, images and compound documents in the file system.
  • API for business processes

    Well Documented API

    Developers can easily create a workflow solution or a unique solution for organizations to solve the business processes using the rest api.

software features Software Features

DOCUMENTICA accepts all forms of files including digitally signed MS office and PDF documents, the customers may need tracks of signed documents. In addition, we have you covered with dozens of electronic XSD Meta data forms and templates that you can quickly choose from.

program featuresBuilt in software features

  • W2 interface & Responsive GUI on HTML5
  • Scanning and Imaging Integration
  • REST API support
  • MS Office integration via DAV
  • Standard Folder and Document structures
  • Cloud enabled online page authoring
  • Multiple repositories
  • Developed on .NET C# and supports mono
  • Import documents as easy as copying to a drive
  • Supports medium trust environments. (Shared hosting)
  • Document version control and tracking changes, rollback to revision
  • Lock, Unlock, Check-out, Check-in, life-cycle
  • Security Inheritance, flexible permissions using Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Document profiles and Meta data support
  • Full-text searching document and folders by their contents and meta-data.
  • Record Retentions
  • Multi-language SPA user interface.
  • drag and drop upload and downloads.
  • Helps ISO compliancy
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