DOCUMENTICA Document Management Software

Promise to create unique experiences for web and mobile

DOCUMENTICA specializes in imaging, scanning, capturing, indexing, classifying, and storing electronic files.

Managing the document life cycle and keeping records poses a challenge for many companies. Automatic content indexing enables users to search for documents based on their contents. Users have control over sharing and collaboration features, making it easy to distribute files.

Administrators can moderate the software using access control lists and other security features. Decision-makers have the ability to control all collaboration and activities. Customers also have access to the central document store for retrieval, review, and approval.

Accessing documents from various devices has become a necessity.

The program can be easily integrated with existing mobile and other devices to enable imaging and provide a paperless office solution. Accessing archived files will be secure, manageable, and auditable.

Companies' digital assets and electronic archives will be securely preserved in Documentica, while remaining accessible at any time and from anywhere using any web-enabled device such as smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

Documents and forms can be easily accessed and edited from both web and mobile platforms.

Documentica features a simple yet efficient architecture that enables a wide range of complex functionalities. It allows secure access to the file system through a web interface and provides easy management of document versions.

Our software supports life-cycle management features, including version control, retention policies, and metadata support for your electronic archive. This allows your staff to search for documents not only by their file names and metadata information but also by their content.

New opportunities emerging for API developers, such as the development of add-ons.

DOCUMENTICA adheres to industry standards and compliance requirements. In addition to that, we have introduced a new standard called "M-Filters." These small dynamic link libraries contain content extraction algorithms.

Developers can effortlessly implement the M-Filter assembly interface, which can be consumed by DOCUMENTICA's content indexing services without the need for code recompilation. This enables developers to create new plug-ins for content extraction from various file types

A fully functional REST API is also available through HTTP. The DAV protocol can be accessed by any web-enabled programming language using a fully documented and user-friendly XML-based API.

Our cloud storage solutions create limitless possibilities.

The DOCUMENTICA software provides an integrated central document storage and archival solution for your digital documents. It also offers an automated collaboration environment for your organization. Users have the ability to create a controlled document repository in the cloud, similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Live Documents. The application can be set up either on a website or on a Windows file server within your agency.

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file system folder strorage

File System Based

Without a database engine and the need for sophisticated and expensive hardware, we were inspired to deliver what people ask for. This simple idea led us to reimagine and redevelop all the software components to achieve our goal, such as effectively managing archived records, images, and compound documents directly in the file system.

API for business processes

Well Documented API

Developers can effortlessly create workflow solutions or unique solutions for organizations by leveraging the REST API. This allows them to effectively address and streamline various business processes through the use of the REST API.

Responsive GUI

The GUI of the system is responsive and compatible with HTML5 compliant browsers. It utilizes a responsive design approach, making use of industry-standard Bootstrap framework. This ensures that users can easily access e-papers on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Full-text Search

We have developed a text content search engine that is built on the .NET implementation of the industry-standard Apache "Lucene" project. Additionally, we have created a new content extraction engine in 100% .NET Core 6 that supports a wide range of popular file formats, including doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pdf, html, text, email, and more.

MS Office integration via DAV (Editing Word, excel, powerpoint documents)

DOCUMENTICA is a WebDAV DeltaV server that enables applications to perform various operations on documents and folders remotely, such as adding, editing, uploading, changing, and more. These operations can be performed without the need for any programming, providing a convenient and user-friendly approach to managing documents and folders. For more information, you can visit the WebDAV DeltaV page.

REST API (xml, json)

DOCUMENTICA supports industry-standard integrations and offers digital business automation through REST API support. It has been developed using .NET Core 6 with C# and is compatible with Docker, providing flexibility in deployment and scalability.

"XCOPY" Deployment

OCUMENTICA provides easy backup, restore, and disaster recovery policies. In the event of a disaster or data loss, the system enables seamless restoration of backed-up files, ensuring the continuity of operations and minimizing potential disruptions.

Easy Import

With DOCUMENTICA, importing documents is as easy as copying them to a drive. There is no need for manual filing or a complex data conversion process. Users can simply copy their documents into the designated location, and DOCUMENTICA will automatically handle the import process, making it effortless and efficient.

DOCUMENTICA accepts all forms of files, including digitally signed MS Office and PDF documents. This ensures that customers can easily store and manage digitally signed documents while keeping track of their status. Additionally, DOCUMENTICA provides a wide range of electronic XSD metadata forms and templates, allowing users to quickly select the appropriate form or template for their specific needs..

Built in software features

  • W2 interface & Responsive GUI on HTML5
  • Integration with scanning and imaging
  • REST API support
  • MS Office integration via DAV
  • Standard folder and document structures
  • Cloud-enabled online page authoring
  • Support for multiple repositories
  • Developed on .NET Core 6 C# and supports Docker
  • Easy document import by copying to a drive
  • Support for medium trust environments (shared hosting)
  • Document version control and change tracking, with the ability to rollback to previous revisions
  • Lock, unlock, check-out, check-in, and life-cycle management
  • Security inheritance and flexible permissions using Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Document profiles and metadata support
  • Full-text search of documents and folders based on their contents and metadata
  • Record retentions
  • Multi-language SPA user interface
  • Drag and drop upload and downloads
  • Helps achieve ISO compliance
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