DOCUMENTICA Software Featues

Built in software features

  • W2 interface & Responsive GUI on HTML5
  • Integration with scanning and imaging
  • REST API support
  • MS Office integration via DAV
  • Standard folder and document structures
  • Cloud-enabled online page authoring
  • Support for multiple repositories
  • Developed on .NET Core 6 C# and supports Docker
  • Easy document import by copying to a drive
  • Support for medium trust environments (shared hosting)
  • Document version control and change tracking, with the ability to rollback to previous revisions
  • Lock, unlock, check-out, check-in, and life-cycle management
  • Security inheritance and flexible permissions using Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Document profiles and metadata support
  • Full-text search of documents and folders based on their contents and metadata
  • Record retentions
  • Multi-language SPA user interface
  • Drag and drop upload and downloads
  • Helps achieve ISO compliance

Cloud Storage Option

The DOCUMENTICA software provides an integrated central document storage and archival solution for your digital documents. It also offers an automated collaboration environment for your organization. Users have the ability to create a controlled document repository in the cloud, similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Live Documents. The application can be set up either on a website or on a Windows file server within your agency.