WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a protocol based on HTTP that allows users to add, edit, delete documents and many more operation on a from their workstations.
WebDAV is defined in RFC4918
Versioning Extensions to WebDAV that defined in rfc3253
WebDAV SEARCH Extensions in rfc5323
(WebDAV) Access Control Protocol - RFC3744 rfc3744

In addition to Http protocol methods OPTIONS, HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, PATCH AND DELETE the minimum WebDAV implmentation requires the following verbs:

COPY: Copies a resource (generally file or directory) from one location to another

LOCK: Lockes a file or folder.

MKCOL: Creates directory like containers or collections

MOVE: Moves a file or a folder from one location to another on the server. It also renames the items.

PROPFIND: Returns the properties of the files or directories or the list of the items in a directory.

PROPPATCH: Updates or changes or delete the properties of a file or directory

UNLOCK: Removes the existing Lock from a file or directory

SEARCH: Searches files or directories and returns the list of the found items from the server.

CHECKOUT: it locks the document, but reserve for content change.

UNCHECKOUT: it relases the locks and reserved copy without any change.

CHECIN: releases the lock on the document and creates a version.

REPORT: Returns a specified report for the item, for example Version history or ACL

ACL: Returns Access control lists (security) for the folders and documents.